(saxon)­ large kingdom that starts at the western coast of the New Continent where magic is strictly forbidden under pain of death. King William rules the kingdom, using his Lords, Dukes and Barons to oversee the lands and cities within.


A small, delapidated fishing fillage with a dark affinity for the abominations of the sea.


A large city with river access (Brown Line) ruled by Lord Willhelm. The small city’s major exports are wool and vegetables, with a minor focus on fishing. Their economy was hit hard 6 years ago when half of the adults in the city died from a strange plague that stayed within the poor district known as The Slums.

The Slums
This is the seedier side of Humboldt, full of beggars, brothels, and drunkards. It features an Inn/brothel called the Sweaty Ass, and is filled with living shelters where the poor can huddle within. Proper Charlie runs this part of town with his large henchmen, Crush and Crash. Adults have started moving in, mostly thanks to a dwindling economy making the Gold District unaffordable, but it is still mostly populated by orphaned children.

The Wet District


A halfling village four hours ride from Limpkin (onions, potatos and corn) ­Rimley


A rival halfling village four hours ride from Kinder (asparagus, tomatoes, and corn)


A large town based on mining iron, ruled by vampire Baron van Lochmacher.


A city of craftsmen who live in the central hub overlooked by King William’s castle.


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