(saxon)­ large kingdom that starts at the western coast of the New Continent where magic is strictly forbidden under pain of death. King William rules the kingdom, using his Lords, Dukes and Barons to oversee the lands and cities within.


(chinese)­ kept under tight rule by Emperor Shou Xin, little else is known about this kingdom. Foreigners are not allowed within the kingdom, and trade is only done at neutral trading posts where the merchants do not speak of anything aside from the business at hand. Sohojin has not used their millitary since they conquered the northern part of Valahaam some 100 years ago. Many kingdoms assume they are amassing a large military with which to conquer the entire continent, but no one can say for sure.


(norse)­ a northern kingdom of brutal winters and cool summers. Known for its barbarism, the people are every bit as tough and the weather, and just as merciless. Magic is generally distrusted by most of the locals, who believe that swords and shields are the currency by which kingdoms are made. Leadership is loose. The land is ruled by rival Jarls who only unite when it comes to marauding other countries.


(south american)­ A kingdom of topical jungle and an archipellago of islands, with a large mountain range skirting the western part of the kingdom. Magic is a part of the culture, and used in at least a small degree by the common person.


(middle­eastern)­ a mysterious kingdom of dessert sands with a series of large rivers flowing through it, creating lines of lush jungle through it. The kingdom is said to be ruled by a triad of brothers who maintain an unsteady peace, but maintain unity through devotion to the Sandstorm Lord. The Sandstorm Lord is the god of the Valahaam, described as manifesting in the form of a large wall of blowing sand. Slavery is commonplace. Magic is a luxury of royalty and merchant lords.


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